Silestone is a compound made up of 94% quartz making is hard and resilient and a natural choice for kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and wall cladding. It is available in over 60 different colour choices ensuring something to suit everyone’s taste.

Due to the high level of quartz it contains, along with the polyester resin elasticity and vibrocompression system used in its production, Silestone provides impact resistance, scratch resistance and as it is non-porous, stain resistance to common products such as coffee, wine, lemon juice, vinegar and much more.

Silestone is available in three different finishes being polished for a smooth finish, matte known as a suede finish and volcano, which offers a rugged appearance. Silestone also offers up to a 25 year warranty on its product when produced and fitted by an approved fabricator like ourselves.  This can all be done online and full details of the warranty available can be found here.

All Silestone materials are grouped into one of 6 pricing groups for polished slabs and 5 for suede and volcano finishes and prices gradually increase from group to group.